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14 Free and Fun Date Ideas



Spending time with your significant other doesn’t have to be expensive. There are in fact many affordable and even free date ideas that you can try together.

These are things some things you can try:


1. Going for a walk in the city

If you are someone who enjoys walking and seeing new things you could opt for it. You could go even to a nearby city to explore. This really helps to take the mind off of things, do some shopping and it is also a great excuse to take some nice Instagram pictures.

If you live in the suburbs you could go for a walk or a run around the neighborhood.


2. Having a picnic or bringing your coffee at the park in a nice sunny day


3. Museums and Art Galleries

I am not sure how it works in the USA, but in most countries in Europe museums are free one day of the month. Furthermore, in town there always free art galleries and events of up and coming artists.

In Italy it is on the first Sunday. A small tip for those that might want to visit in the future.


4. Preparing and having a nice dinner at home

Home cooking is healthier than eating out anyways, so this is always a great option.


5. Movie night at home

Turn on Netflix, HBO (Free 30 day Trial), Amazon Channels or your TV and choose something to watch together. Some popcorn or a hot chocolate is a complementary treat.


6. Going for a bike ride

Whether you live close to a beach or lake, or even just a ride at the park, is an awesome way to spend some time with your partner.


7. Going for a swim at the beach or at the lake

This will be free obviously if you live close to it.


8. At home spa

If you are into aromatherapy you could use some cheap essential oils, prepare a bubble bath, a couple of glasses of wine, some music and have a relaxing spa day. You could even exchange massages.


9. Visit the local library and pick books to read

You can even listen to Audible together.

10. Getting out on a balcony or at your building’s roof and looking at the stars


11. Attend a farmer’s market

Since you are there maybe you can buy the ingredients for the dinner mentioned above.


12. Play games together

Choose a game you like, be it a board, cards or even videogames and play them together.

13. Go on a hike

If you can manage to be early risers, you will be able to shoot some awesome pictures for Instagram, as well.


14. Check out a local festival or concert

Wherever you live, there is usually a good free summer concert to go to.

What do you think of these date ideas? Would you add anything to the list?


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