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25 Items I No Longer Purchase



It’s been over one year since I started to simplify my life, so I thought of looking back to this past year of my minimalist journey and see what extra items I no longer purchase.


Today’s list is all about the I have removed from my shopping list since I started to simplify my life.


I’ve stopped buying these items because:

  • They don’t add value to my life and are not really needed.
  • They tend to own me back (they demand time, storage, repairs etc.)
  • They hurt the environment and also my pocket.


I know, this list may not apply to everyone as each person’s priorities and values are different. With this article I am just trying to share what things I no longer need, but if you find some of these items useful, then you should buy them. We are all different and because of this our needs are also different.


However, I do hope that this post will inspire you to evaluate everything you consume to see whether they truly add value to your life and decide if you will continue to purchase them or just erase them from your shopping list.


  • Trendy clothes—I obviously buy new clothes (we all need clothes) but the next time I purchase them, I would pick practical pieces that match my existing wardrobe .
  • Jewellery/ accessories – I rarely wear them. I only wear a golden necklace given as a gift by my parents and my engagement ring. 
  • Trendy, impractical shoes—I now mostly wear flats or shoes with a maximum of a 2 inch heel.I have bought some pairs of unusable heels in the past that I still regret.
  • Cosmetics—I only use a few products and only purchase something new when one of them runs out. I no longer purchase extra/duplicates.
  • Hair and nail products—I only use shampoo and conditioner. I no longer buy creams, hair masks, and other miracle products for hair. I’ve gotten rid of most of my nail polishes and I now have 4 colors and a top coat.
  • Lotion—I use almond oil to hydrate my body.
  • Makeup removing wipes– I still buy cotton pads that I use with my Bioderma. I divide them in half as I wash my face beforehand and I rarely use heavy makeup.
  • Gadgets—I am content with my smartphone and notebook. I don’t need anything else.
  • Wrist Watches—I only have one which I rarely use.
  • Any “life-changing” beauty products—We can’t be fooled by those ads anymore, now can we.
  • Any thing that don’t serve any purpose other than a “collection.”
  • Unlimited cell phone plans — I used to have unlimited data, calls and messages. I now only pay 10€ a month for another plan that is not unlimited, but it is enough for my needs.


  • Home decors—I am renting a house so I refrain from buying too many things that I might need to move one day.
  • Seasonal decors—I only have a Christmas tree with some minimal decor.
  • Extra kitchen stuff—I only have basic items that I use almost every day.
  • Extra bedsheets/covers—I only use 4 per bed because I have different ones for summer/winter.
  • Cable TV— I don’t even own a TV. I mostly watch YouTube
  • Containers/Storage for stuff—I am trying to get rid of stuff and buy less things so I don’t need containers.
  • Any single use kitchen gadget/appliance—They consume space and generally don’t really make my life easier.
  • New furniture—I bought a few items when I first moved to my current house a few years ago and I haven’t purchased anything ever since.
  • CDs/DVDs—I think I haven’t bought any CD/DVDs in the past ten years.
  • Loans—Debt is one of the top things I don’t want to worry about and actually this year I have mostly paid off a few things.


  • Extra food that will end up in the trash —I now have a grocery list that I follow every time I go to the supermarket. Here you can find How To Spend Less On Groceries.
  • Sugary drinks—They are packed with sugar and calories. I just make smoothies out of real fruit and drink that.
  • Single purpose cleaner—To simplify my life and save money, I use a multipurpose cleaner to clean the floors, kitchen sink, and other surfaces. This reduces the amount of cleaners I buy and frees up more space.

While this list isn’t set in stone and it may still change as my priorities change, for now I am happy to have rid myself of these unnecessary items.

By ticking these things off on my list, I have found more time to pursue my passions, save more money (by not wasting money on things that don’t align with my goals), and clear distractions so I could focus more on what’s truly important to me.



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