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How I plan and organize my life to get things done


After revamping my entire “To Do List” system and starting a better way to organize my life I wanted to share it with you today.


I started to use Trello as my digital list platform.

The thing I like about Trello is that all of my “to do” lists are visible at the same time and I can see all of them at a glance. They are set up vertically, so each column is a separate list. This way the lists are neatly organized and you could rearrange them if you would want to.


I personally like to put the highest priority ones to the left, so I can see them first. If that project becomes less important in the future I will move it to the far right where the lists are less visible. I like the fact that I can move lists around and organize them in a way that reflects my priorities at that exact moment. I tend to make a variety of lists, starting from my daily tasks, blog posts, meetings, grocery shopping and other shopping in general.


There is also the possibility to put colors on the labels. I put a red red label to the things that I still need to get done and green to the ones I have already accomplished.

Here is a screenshot of how Trello looks like:

Trello app livia claire


The flexibility of this platform is great and I would really recommend it to all of you that like digital to do lists. You will start to learn how to use it much more easily if you play around with it for a while.

Planning my calendar on a weekly basis on a notebook.


After reading “The 7 habits of highly effective people” I have started to take some of its advices at heart and apply them to my life.

One of the Stephen R. Covey’s advices is to do a weekly planning instead of a daily one so that you can focus on the longer term achievements and important things and not only the urgent ones.

For this I use my agenda that I got from a local book store so that I can have the lists with my at all times, even if my phone’s battery is dead. If I were to use the digital lists only it would feel confusing and overwhelming because there would be many distractions.


How I fill in my weekly planner


– I tend to give myself a major daily task.

Aside from work, I assign myself another big task that I can do in the evening after I return home. I pick and choose the tasks that I had previously organized in my Trello lists and assign one of them to each day of the week.

After I give myself a major task, I then assign smaller tasks that don’t consume much time. Not every day will have these tasks since work and the major task will take most of my day.

– Leave some time for self care.

I give myself about an hour every evening to spend on self care, entertainment or socializing.

I also use some of this time to keep in touch with my parents. Since I live about a thousand miles from them and I can see them only every two or three months, Skype calls can get lengthy at times.

– I tend to do my weekly planning by giving myself a quiet hour or two on a Sunday.

My fiancé works on Sundays, I work from Monday to Friday, so I have found that this system works for me. It gives us some free time to spend together and do some short day trips on Saturdays. In this one hour time frame I also check what I managed to do the week before and what I still need to do. I have found that feeling proud about the small achievements puts me in a better mood and makes me more motivated to tackle even more difficult ones.


I hope you enjoyed the way I plan my life, starting from the big picture to the weekly and daily errands. Do you use a planner? If so which one is your favorite, digital or paper?


Let me know your opinions down in the comment section.


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