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Thoughtful and Minimalist Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Presents don’t always have to be expensive, over the top or even material. Since Valentine’s day is approaching some of these simple ideas might help you choose the perfect gift for your partner.

A weekend away.

You don’t have do book plane tickets or fancy hotel stays and spend a lot of money. Even just taking your car and driving to a nearby location close to a lake, ocean, mountain or even another city can be very rewarding. My fiancé and I will be leaving Milan to go to Florence on Saturday morning and will return on Sunday afternoon.
The distance is only one and a half hour by train or three hours by car and visiting a new city with such rich culture will be very rewarding.

Another copy of their favourite clothing item or accessory.

I am a person that once find comfort in a certain pair of shoes or even shirt I would not want to continue looking for similar ones. I would rather have a spare of that item to put one once the current one wears off. Buying their favorite item in different shades or colors is also a great idea.

Tickets to see a show or concert of his favourite artist.

Usually concerts are not an every day occurrence. Going to the concert of one of your favorite artists will make you remember that date for the years to come.

A day at the spa

Living a frenetic life and working very hard at a big city can make someone stressful and a day at the spa is always welcome. You could book a spa date at a nice hotel. I have found out that there are plenty of offers on Groupon, too.
For an affordable experience you could also prepare a warm bath with bubbles, put some candles and essential oils and relax at home.

Prepare a gourmet candlelit dinner at home with some nice Prossecco.

Look up recipes online or attend a cooking class and learn how to make a nice and special meal to have for that day. Prepare the dinner together and have slow conversations with one another.

A weekly planner

If your significant other is a very busy person you could buy them a planner so that they can organise their time even better
If they already have a planner, maybe you can cross a couple of things from the list. This way you will have more time to spend together.

Something that helps them with their commute.

Either a public transportation pass or a new bike that they have been eyeing. Nowdays there are even bike subscription programs. We have them here in Milan for only €10 a month.

Did you enjoy these gift ideas? What did you give to your significant other this time of the year.

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